EV Calculator

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Mass: kg lb
Gravity constant: m/sec/sec
Coefficient of Rolling Resistance:
Density of Air: kg/m^3
Coefficient of Drag:
Frontal Area: m^2
Velocity: km/hr MPH
Acceleration: m/sec/sec MPH/sec
Angle: Degrees Percent Slope

Inertia (kinetic energy): J (kg-m^2/sec^2) Wh
Force (thrust): N (kg-m/sec^2) lbf
Power: W (kg-m^2/sec^3) HP
Watt-Hours per Unit Distance: Wh/km Wh/mile
Wheel Diameter: millimeters inches
Wheel RPM: RPM
Wheel Torque: Newton-Meters Pound-Feet

Torque, Power, and RPM

Torque: lb-ft Newton-Meters
Power: HP Kilowatts
Speed: RPM Gear Ratio


Peukert Number:
Rated Capacity: A-h
Rated Hours: Hours
Battery Current: Amps
Battery Hours: Hours
Effective Capacity: A-h